Which type of decking is best for your garden?

12 June 2018  |  Admin

Decking is a truly effective way of transforming your garden into a comfortable, practical, and high impact space which allows you to make the most of any outdoor area.

A well-appointed decked area can create the ultimate space to relax, entertain friends and family, and enjoy those long summer days that stretch long into the evening.

But with many different varieties of decking to suit a whole host of projects, it can be difficult to choose the right decking for your space.

Here, we explore the benefits of each type of decking, to help you choose the perfect material for your job.

There are three main types of decking; softwood, hardwood and composite decking. Each material has different characteristics which make them suitable for difference projects, and these will need to be considered before taking the plunge.


Softwood decking, which typically comes in Pine or Spruce, is a lightweight timber material which is easy to work with for the average DIY-er. Its softer composition makes it easy to cut and screw, making it ideal for a large job with a short timescale.

More readily available than alternative materials, softwood decking is cheaper and more cost effective, comes in more sizes for greater convenience, and is available in a wider range of accessories, such as railings and balustrades.

Softwood decking comes pressure treated offering a resistance to rotting and insect attack, however due to its porous composition, it requires a certain amount of maintenance, including re-staining every three years.  


Yellow Balau is the most common timber used for hardwood decking, thanks to its denser composition that naturally resists rotting. More hardwearing than softwoods, hardwoods require less maintenance and don’t require pressure treatment or regular staining.

Its rich, dark red/brown appearance offers a luxurious quality which makes it perfect for creating a focal point in the garden, creating maximum affect with minimal upkeep.


Composite decking is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to timber decking, thanks to its robustness, durability and aesthetic qualities.

Made up of a mixture of wood fibres and recycled material, it is extremely hardwearing and requires no maintenance, making it a great long-term investment. Fully waterproof and resistant to rot, it is ideal for use in high footfall areas or coastal locations that are subject to extreme weather conditions.

Available in a wide range of colours, including silver, brown, gold and copper, it is ideal for achieving high impact, creative outdoor spaces, for those who want to make a statement with their garden design.

No matter what kind of decking effect you want to create in your garden, Atlantic Timber offers high quality materials, accessories and treatments to help you achieve your decking dream, and skilled tradesmen and women are on hand to offer their expert advice and guidance to ensure your project is a great success.

Check out our extensive range of decking, available in a wide range of materials, sizes and colours on our website: www.atlantictimber.co.uk


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