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ThermoWood Extra Durable Exterior Cladding

ThermoWood is a revolutionary new product that gives timber incredibly enhanced properties yet still retains the beauty of natural timber and is an excellent choice for an outer cladding project

ThermoWood is produced using a chemical-free natural process - only heat and water steam. By heat treating only the finest Scandinavian Redwood to enhance the chemical and physical properties of the timber, ThermoWood cladding offers an exceptional cladding material with outstanding durability, stability and insulation characteristics.

Along with enhanced physical properties, the treatment also results in an attractive, consistent, deep brown tone for a beautiful appearance that is smooth to the touch. Due to it's stability, ThermoWood also takes and retains finish well, allowing for translucent or solid colour stains to be applied to create unique and striking buildings.

Suitable for commercial and residential buildings, ThermoWood cladding meets the requirements of Durability Class 2 (BS EN 350), carries European Standard CE Mark certification and is recognised by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) which endorses a 30 year service life when used for cladding.

Available in four patterns:

            Tapered                               Chanel Siding                               PTG1V                                   Shiplap


We currently carry stock of the PTG1V (V1 Side) and the Channel profile and will be hoping to add the other profiles to our range of stocked products.  

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Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

Thermo-treatment provided the wood with quality characteristics. It improves the decay resistance, weather resistance and thermal insulation properties of the wood. The product's decay resistance class is I-II and its usable life is several times that of untreated wood. As a result of the thermo-treatment process, the moisture content of WarmClad is low, which improves the dimensional stability of the product.

The timber is northern, dense, PEFC certified wood. 

The alternative profiles can be used for both horizontal and vertical cladding. Surface treatment is recommended, but without treatment the product will grey beautifully under the influence of UV radiation.