Oak & Walnut Veneered MDF Mouldings

1 February 2023  |  Admin

Oak & Walnut Veneered MDF Mouldings

Our new range of real wood veneered MDF Mouldings comes in stunning American White Oak and American Black Walnut. With several profiles of skirting boards, architraves and window boards, this range is the perfect solution for a uniform, luxurious finish around the whole house.

Veneered on MDF cores, these mouldings offer the same luxurious look and feel as solid timber whilst offering the stability of an MDF moulding - meaning there won't be any twisting or warping. Medium-density fireboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made from wood fibres and hard-wearing resin. It is free from natural defects and has a smooth finish. In addition to increased stability, these mouldings provide a low waste alternative to real timber as there won't be any knots or shakes to cut out. For extra peace of mind all our veneered mouldings are FSC certified and thus provide an environmentally friendly, high-quality option. They come unfinished, enabling you to oil, wax or stain the mouldings to your preferred finish.


Benefits of Veneered MDF Mouldings:

  • Same stunning look and feel as solid timber
  • Minimal waste as there are no defects
  • Increased stability - no warping or twisting
  • Variety of popular profiles: torus, ogee, chamfered & rounded
  • Supplied unfinished for your choice of finish
  • Available in single lengths, individually wrapped for protection
  • More environmentally friendly
  • FSC certified


All of these mouldings are available in both American White Oak and American Black Walnut Veneer. American White Oak is a highly popular choice for interior applications like kitchens, doors or furniture. It can range from a pale yellow-brown to a richer mid-brown shade. With an attractive straight grain pattern, it is highly visually appealing and ideal for a smooth, clean aesthetic. American Black Walnut offers a rich deep to purplish-brown shade with the sapwood being a creamy pale brown. It features a beautiful grain pattern that can be stained, waxed or oiled to an exceptionally high finish. Its stunning decorative appearance makes it equally popular for interior applications. 


Not sure Veneered MDF Mouldings are the right choice for your home? Check out our extensive range of timber, white primed or fully finished mouldings.

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