10 Top Tips for Designing a Small Kitchen

22 October 2017  |  Admin

10 Top Tips when designing a small kitchen      

We all undertake research when planning a new kitchen, after all it is one of the most, if not the most. expensive project you’ll undertake in your home. The problem is that all too often the glossy home magazines we flick through, and the flashy showrooms we visit, are fabulous if you have a big kitchen, with a big budget to match.  However, with the introduction of the new “all in one” living spaces, where the lounge, dining room and kitchen are all within one room, we have seen an increase in enquiries for space saving kitchens, where space can be maximised and clutter is minimised leaving a modern sleek appearance.

Here are our top tips to achieve this look:

  1. Consider having a kitchen the same colour as your walls, that way it blends in with the rest of the room, resulting in a really spacious feel.
  2. Keep handles and trims to a minimum – install handleless doors, with push opening catches to achieve a smooth and sleek look.
  3. Where possible install “built in” appliances, or if this isn’t possible try to buy them at a depth so that they are in line with your base units.
  4. One trick, where possible is to install your washing machine/dryer in a separate area or cupboard – do they really need to be in the kitchen?
  5. Install acryclic splash backs, not only are they easy to fit and keep clean and more cost effective than tiling, they are super sleek, come in an amazing choice of colours and are on trend.
  6. Plan to keep your worktops “clutter free”, storing items such as mixers, toasters etc. in cupboards.
  7. If you can get away without wall cupboards, this will really open the room out, - if not just place them on one wall to maintain the appearance of space.
  8. Give careful consideration to your lighting scheme, obviously you need functional lighting when working in the kitchen, but consider adding some ambient lighting for when the area is not being used.
  9. We always recommend that when designing a kitchen for an “all in one” living space, that you ensure you purchase a cooker hood that is quiet, efficient and if at all possible vented outside.
  10. When designing your floor consider whether you want it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the floor space, or do you want to use it to define the kitchen area perhaps with a raised step, or change of design.

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