Acoustic Slatted Wall Panel

1 December 2022  |  Admin

Acoustic Slatted Wall Panel

Our new range of Acoustic Slatted Wall Panels is made from natural wood veneer bonded to a black acoustic felt backing giving a striking contemporary look to any room or office space. The panels can be used to create statement walls, ceilings or partitions and are available in 6 beautiful shades - there's something to suit all design themes. Their acoustic sound insulation properties and the modern, sleek finish can transform any space. 

Made from recycled plastic, the acoustic felt backing not only impresses with its class A sound absorption but is also highly environmentally friendly. The wooden slats are constructed with a real wood veneer making them look and feel like solid wood but thus can be regarded kinder to the environment as less solid wood is needed in the manufacturing process. The wide range of shades makes it easy to match the panels to any existing wooden furniture, doors etc.


Another huge advantage of the panels is the quick and easy instalment. Compared to some other kinds of wooden wall panelling, such as cladding, these panels can be installed by any competent DIY-er and do not need to be installed by a professional. Check out our handy installation manual to find out just how easily the panels can be installed. Our Acoustic Slatted Wall Panels come fully finished so you don't have to spend time and money on oiling or staining them. They are ideal to conceal uneven walls, cracks, stains or other irregularities that you might want to cover and they can even be installed in kitchens or bathrooms, as long as the panels don't come into direct contact with water and have got a water-resistant finish applied to them to protect the wood veneer from moisture.

The panels come in a handy size of 600mm x 2400mm with the slats running along the 2400mm direction of the panel. With 2.4m being the average wall height in the UK, the panels are tall enough to fit most walls without the need of being cut down. However, if you do need your panels cut to size, we offer a bespoke cutting service. Just enter your requirements whilst ordering or contact us for a quote.




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