A Special Project requires a Speciality Product

9 December 2019  |  Admin

A Special Project requires a Speciality Product

The newest addition to the MDF family is a high-performance fibre board that combines the best of both worlds – a highly durable sheet material that looks great and is easy to work with.

Valchromat is an evolution of MDF. It is a wood fibre panel which has each of its particles coloured individually with organic dyes and bonded together by a special resin. This creates a unique material to work with on the most demanding of projects.

The manufacturing process creates a material that is coloured throughout, meaning whichever way it is cut or machined, the colour is consistent. The three-dimensional colour allows scratches or scuffs to be simply sanded out and re-finished, and joints can be sanded flush with no worrying about damaging the surface.

But its advantages over MDF don’t stop there.


  • Is moisture resistant to EN622-5 Moisture Resistant EN319 & EN317 and is fully FSC certified, making it suitable for bathrooms and other areas of high humidity.
  • Has a greater internal cohesion which creates a higher mechanical strength
  • Allows working in three dimensions – it can be machined in any way without altering the integrity or visual properties of the board
  • Its superior strength offers a greater resistance to bending
  • It requires less effort to finish – painting and veneers are not required 
  • Is available fire retardant
  • Is single density. Unlike standard MDF which has hardened faces and a slightly softer core which can appear ‘fluffy’ when routed or profiled, Valchromat is the same density throughout, giving a more professional finish.
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