Sundeala Notice Board K Quality 9mm x 2440mm x 1220mm


Brand:  Sundeala
Material:  100% recycled cellulose fibres
Board Thickness:  9mm
Size:  2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')
Reversible:  Yes
Use:  Pin/Notice Board - Office, Home or School
Colour:  Grey
Certification:  Fire Class D-s2, d0 to BS EN 13501-1
Grade:  K Quality

Please note these cutting instructions are for straight cuts only. 

Please contact us for any other cutting instructions.

Sundeala K Board is a highly durable, environmentally friendly pin board product that has been the go-to choice for schools and public buildings since 1937.

100% recycled, 100% recyclable

Made from 100% recycled cellulose fibres, Sundeala K Board is both ecologically sustainable and robust, offering the lowest lifecycle cost option on the market for wall displays in in a wide range of buildings., in particular health, education and commercial applications.

Sundeala K Board is dyed with mineral pigments to create seven beautiful colourways that look stunning in any setting. Unlike wood fibre board products, Sundeala K board comes ‘ready finished’ with an attractive soft velvet -like sanded surface that does not need covering before use.

The colour runs all the way through the core of the board meaning that the board can be cut to any shape, providing limitless design options. From geometric shapes forming high impact feature walls to sweeping landscapes, Sundeala K Board can turn entire walls into living, breathing collaboration spaces.

Sundeala Pin board is virtually maintenance free and ideal for schools, office spaces and the home.

  • Made from 100% recycled cellulose fibres
  • 25 year surface warranty
  • School safe pin retention – can also be used with a staple gun
  • No added VOCs or solvent binding agents
  • 9mm board thickness as standard

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Instructions: How to Provide Cutting Instructions for Sheet Material

We can cut this product for you in our in-house workshop. If you would like us to do this please follow these instructions to make sure we have all of the relevant information to enable us to cut it correctly.

We need two dimensions, in millimetres, to enable us to cut your chosen material.

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If you are making a drawer front 150mm x 397mm and you want the grain to run vertically (the 150mm way) you would write it 150mm x 397mm.

In some cases a sheet can be cut in more than one way to achieve the sizes you want. If you have an intended use for your off cut please tell us so we can cut the sheet in the way that yields the size of cut you would like.

For orders with large numbers of cut pieces we use computer software to calculate the most economical way to cut the sheet. We will not accept responsibility if this method doesn't yield what you were hoping for from your sheet once it has been cut.

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Sundeala Notice Board K Quality 9mm x 2440mm x 1220mm

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