Colour: None,  Size: 78Colour: Jet Black,  Size: 78Colour: Cobalt Blue,  Size: 78Colour: Moss Green,  Size: 78
Colour: Signal Red,  Size: 78Colour: Tele Grey,  Size: 78Colour: Pastel Turquoise,  Size: 78Colour: Pale Green,  Size: 78
Colour: Pastel Violet,  Size: 78Colour: Signal White,  Size: 78Colour: Mouse Grey,  Size: 78Colour: Pebble Grey,  Size: 78
Colour: Zinc Yellow,  Size: 78
External Tricoya Modena Door


Brand:  XL Joinery
Finish  White Primed or Pre-Finished (Colour)
Door Thickness  44mm
Material  Tricoya

The External Tricoya Modena Door is available as white primed - ready for you to apply the final finish. Alternatively you can choose out of a wide range of pre-finished colours.

The technology behind Tricoya wood is based on acetylation, a process that has been developed by specialists over decades of research and testing. Acetylation changes elements within the wood, reducing the ability to absorb water and adding stability and durability. The acetyl, which provides these qualities, is naturally present within the wood. The technique used to create Tricoya simply increases the proportion of this vital element. A high-tech solution, but one with outstanding performance benefits.

  • Solid Engineered External Door using a combination of traditional and modern materials
  • Constructed with exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable Tricoya outer faces ensures these hard-wearing and weather-resistant external doors can withstand all weathers
  • Factory Primed ready for on-site finishing
  • Glazed models are Double Glazed for improved thermal efficiency
  • Can be trimmed up to 12mm from each edge
  • Can be hand finished with XL Colours
  • EUTR Compliant (non-FSC®)


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XL Joinery

External Tricoya Modena Door

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