Crysta-Glas Clear Acrylic Sheet 2mm Thick (Lightweight)


Brand:  XL Joinery
Material  Polystyrene
Colours Available  Clear
Thickness  2mm
Use  Glass Substitute

Please note these cutting instructions are for straight cuts only. 

Please contact us for any other cutting instructions.

Crysta-Glas clear acrylic sheet is a highly versatile product as a replacement for glass. It can be used all over the home and in many commercial and industrial applications. It can be cut, scored and drilled making mounting and hanging easy with minimal tools.

It can be used for:

  • Picture framing
  • Table top covers
  • Bathroom splash backs
  • Display cases
  • Shed windows
  • Cabinet fronts
  • Bar fronts

Crysta-glass must be cleaned with warm soap water and a sponge or soft cloth. Do NOT use proprietary glass cleaning products as they may affect the appearance of the product.

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Instructions: How to Provide Cutting Instructions for Sheet Material

We can cut this product for you in our in-house workshop. If you would like us to do this please follow these instructions to make sure we have all of the relevant information to enable us to cut it correctly.

We need two dimensions, in millimetres, to enable us to cut your chosen material.

If the product has a grain please list the dimension in the direction of the grain first.
E.g. if you're making a wardrobe door 1800mm x 500mm and you want the grain to run vertically (the 1800mm way) you would write it as above, 1800mm x 500mm.
If you are making a drawer front 150mm x 397mm and you want the grain to run vertically (the 150mm way) you would write it 150mm x 397mm.

In some cases a sheet can be cut in more than one way to achieve the sizes you want. If you have an intended use for your off cut please tell us so we can cut the sheet in the way that yields the size of cut you would like.

For orders with large numbers of cut pieces we use computer software to calculate the most economical way to cut the sheet. We will not accept responsibility if this method doesn't yield what you were hoping for from your sheet once it has been cut.

If you are unsure about any of your cutting please contact us before placing your order.

XL Joinery

Crysta-Glas Clear Acrylic Sheet 2mm Thick (Lightweight)

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