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Bespoke Oak Beam Mantel Shelf


Brand:  Atlantic Timber
Finish  Hand waxed
Material  Oak
Grade  Q-PA1

Introducing our new Oak mantels, now crafted with superior beam grade Oak for an unparalleled quality and aesthetics. With a tighter grain and improved durability, these mantels undergo a meticulous process to ensure a flawless finish. Firstly, coarse saw marks are removed as the mantels are run through a precision thicknesser. Next, the square angles and corners are skillfully softened through a delicate shaving and carving technique, adding a touch of elegance to the design. The mantels then go through a thorough sanding process to achieve a smooth and flawless surface. Starting with a 100 grit sanding disc, any imperfections and scratches are meticulously eliminated. A second round of sanding follows, utilizing a 240 grit disc, ensuring a pristine appearance. For the perfect final touch, our mantels are treated with Briwax, a natural furniture wax known for its exquisite luster and protective properties. After application, the mantels are left to dry for 15 minutes, allowing the wax to enhance the wood's natural beauty. To achieve a truly refined look, the mantels undergo a polishing and buffing stage. This process imparts a soft sheen, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal and highlighting the intricate details of the woodwork.

For bespoke lengths, select the next length up and put your cut size in the notes on checkout. If you would like a custom finish, please contact us before ordering.

Please note, as Oak is a very natural product, colours and grains can vary greatly.

Please note, due to the nature of this product we offer local deliver only.

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Atlantic Timber

Bespoke Oak Beam Mantel Shelf

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