Acoustic Wooden Slat Panel - Van Gogh


Brand:  Panels2Go
Size  2400mm x 600mm
Thickness  21mm
Colour  Van Gogh

Please note these cutting instructions are for straight cuts only. 

Please contact us for any other cutting instructions.

Installation Guide: Download PDF

Our new acoustic slatted wall panels are made from real natural wood veneer bonded to a black acoustic felt backing giving a striking contemporary look to any room or office space. Available in a huge variety of beautiful shades there’s something to suit all design themes. They can be used to create statement walls, ceilings or partitions and the acoustic baking reduces sound transmission. The acoustic felt backing is made from recycled plastic so our panels are highly environmentally friendly. The wall slats are easy to install and can enhance any space into a refined and modern indoor space.

The wooden slats run along the 2400mm direction of the panel.

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Acoustic Wooden Slat Panel - Van Gogh

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