Pre-Oiled Solid Walnut Floating Shelf KitPre-Oiled Solid Walnut Floating Shelf Kit 
Pre-Oiled Solid Walnut Floating Shelf Kit


Finish:  Pre-Oiled
Material:  Solid Walnut Timber
Construction:  Finger Jointed Staves
Depth:  200mm
Fixings Included:  Yes

Our solid Walnut shelves are made from high quality Walnut timber, sustainably sourced. They're made from the same beautiful timber used to create our kitchen worktops so are extreamly hard wearing. It's an ideal material for constructing solid wood shelves with it's elegant finish with tones of black, brown and even sometimes purple, adding a luxurious feel to any room. With a stunning sleek surface that can be sanded to an incredibly smooth finish, these shelves are a spectacular addition to any kitchen or office.

Manufactured in Europe, these luxurious floating shelves are then transported to the UK and carefully hand-finished to exacting standards.
All our floating shelves are available in a range of widths - from 300mm up to 1500mm - with a standard depth of 200mm. Our range of solid Walnut shelving is available in 40mm thickness giving a 'chunky' aesthetic. All are supplied with square edges and are sanded to a smooth 150 grit finish before 3 coats of HABiol Oil are applied, enhancing resilience and creating a pleasing appearance.

Each shelf is constructed from a series of 40mm wide blocks called staves, finger jointed and glued together creating a strong, stable product. The different shade staves combine optimum strength with an attractive look that brings out the personality of this favoured wood.

All shelves are supplied pre-drilled, ready to be mounted onto specialist floating shelf brackets. Each solid oak shelf is supplied with the suitable number of brackets for its size, which are listed as follows: 2 brackets for 300 and 600mm wide shelves; 3 brackets for 900 and 1200mm wide shelves; and 4 brackets for the 1500mm wide shelves. The use of 'invisible' brackets completes the appearance of these shelves, which will look impressive when mounted on any wall.

Due to the weight of solid wood shelves, we recommend that they are mounted onto either solid brick or concrete block walls; or, if mounting on timber stud walls, be sure to fix the supports directly into the studs.

Solid timber shelving creates an excellent look that cannot be achieved with softwood or veneered products. Our shelves are crafted from only the finest raw material, ensuring that their strength, resilience and natural charm does not diminish with age. However, these shelves are manufactured from natural timber, and as such small knots and splits may occasionally be present (this is very rare, but is considered a natural feature of the wood).


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Pre-Oiled Solid Walnut Floating Shelf Kit

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